Monday, March 31, 2008

I really must ask Bev

I really must ask Bev how she manages all this blogging stuff.

I had a post ready to go (two of them, in fact) on Tradition Three, one of which I posted last week.

Then, today, I went to create a new post and KAFLOOEY, I wound up blowing up my hard-earned post du jour and wound up posting the 2nd draft of the post regarding Tradition Three I had leftover from last week.

Now, I can hold forth for hours with the best of them in recovery meetings, but two posts, virtually back to back, on the same subject, is a little much, even for a self-absorbed alkie like me.

My friend Bev, on the other hand, apparently posts about as much as Arianna Huffington does on a good day, not including video logs, cake-baking and puppy-tending.

Somewhere in there she manages to find time to whiz down to Santa Barbara to attend showers (wedding and baby), weddings, births, christenings, bat mitzvahs and God only knows what else. Drive visitors into San Francisco for the Cook's Tour of the place (hold on... this is Lombard Street) and still have time to drive up to Marin to have lunch with her Mom.

I don't know how the woman does it.

I wish she'd fill in for me now and then.

I need to go lie down now.


Alan/Libdrone said...

I have frequently had the experience of writing a perfectly Brilliant post and and just when I am ready to hit Publish, my uber sucky Earthlink DSL goes down and POOF my work has vanished into the ether. Somebody recommended an offline composer called BlogDesk and I sometimes use that now but only for posts that will have only a single image since BlogDesk does not seem to handle image placement well at all except for a single image at the beginning of the post.

Aerten said...

I think Bev is secretly Wonder Woman.

Although, now I guess she'd be Wonder Grandma. How cool is that?!

Oh, and when I write things in advance (rather than extemporaneously), I do it in Notepad.

JoyZeeBoy said...

Sigh. You're both right. I'd better start composing off-line and then log-in only to upload any images and to paste in the text for that day's post.

And yes, the excitement du jour is definitely the birth of Baby Girl Sykes (it'll take me months to remember that her name is Deanna Lee Durbin-Sykes).

Lurkers should hurry on over to Bev's website to share in the excitement (

Bev Sykes said...

My goodness--I've been talked about and I forgot to check yesterday! The secret is that I compose off line and save so that if something blows up, I have it stored in two places. This is especially important for posting to the mirror blog on Blogger. Of course, if you close down your WYSIWYG program WITHOUT saving, then you have nobody to blame but yourself.

And the secret is to write stuff that makes you sound terribly busy, while knowing that you really don't do a damn thing most of the time!

JoyZeeBoy said...

Yes, Bev, but which offline program do you use?

Keeping in mind that I post to Blogger, I need something that's usable at home and at work (i.e. portable), that allows me to post multiple photos or art and that does an autosave now and then until I get ready to upload it (and then you can tell me how to upload it).