Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sally Kern - Politician, Mother, Christian, Asshole

A self-loathing Christian woman (and Oklahoma politician, but I repeat myself), Sally Kern, who failed so miserably at motherhood that one of her sons turned out queer is now blaming the entire LGBT community (with our vast, hidden, agenda) for making him that way, even though he attended nothing but Baptist Schools throughout his childhood. Momma is denying that Jesse's gay, but Qweerty has unearthed some interesting court documents. Read about it here.

She also claimed that we're out to kill her, but that turned out to be a lie, too. Click here for details on that.

I know this is old news, but hey, what can I do? Spitzer resigned already, thus depriving blogging pundits such as moi of days of gleeful condemnation.

Let's all move to Oklahoma and make this good, Christian woman's life a living hell!

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