Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Meet the New Governor of New York State

That gentleman to the right is the new governor of New York State. His name is David Paterson. Click here to read his Wiki entry. He sort of got the job by default. His predecessor resigned because he violated a whole bunch of laws and ethics by transporting money, via the banking system, in order to solicit a prostitute (violates: The Mann Act), not to mention just being an all-around sleaze-ball, hypocrite, just like all the Republican and Christian assholes who've gotten caught with their hands in the sexual cookie jar over the past few years.

So, the "Steamroller" is gone and now New York has it's first African-American, visually impaired (i.e., legally blind), governor.

I personally like Governor Paterson. He likes LGBT people. He's been pro-marriage for us since the early 90's. He, his wife and kids, live in Harlem, a district he has represented for decades. His father was important in both New York and National Democratic politics (vice-chair of the national party organization).

Governor Paterson has also staunchly defended stem-cell research.

Now Spitzer is gone. It's time to move on.

The King is dead. Long live the King.


Aerten said...

Oh good. Our new governor seems to be a better human being than the previous one. Or two. I hope the job doesn't kill him.

Bev Sykes said...

I have been so out of it, being away from TV for 3 days. I was vaguely aware of the scandal involving Spitzer but this was the first I'd heard he actually resigned. Gotta catch up on the NEWS!

JoyZeeBoy said...

My only reservation (as Alan correctly pointed out in a comment in yesterday's blog) is that Paterson is a superdelegate currently pledged to Hillary.

And why wouldn't he be? Up until this week it was likely that if she were the candidate for president, he'd finish out her term as a US Senator from New York!

However, the governorship is probably just as good a jumping off place to the presidency as a senate seat is so he's no longer beholding to Hillary for political handouts. In fact, he's the one who's now in position to dole out massive political favors.

And Bev, SHEESH, pick up a paper or click on or something.

Just because you're about to become a grandmother doesn't leave you off the current affairs hook!