Monday, March 24, 2008

Obsession du Jour? Tires!

It all started when I noticed that the OEM tires on my 2005 Honda Element, some pieces of crap made by Goodyear, were starting to lose their tread. At 25,000 miles. I know a guy who rides my commuter bus, who has the same car, but an earlier model year. He said he'd put Michelin's on his and was looking forward to getting 60,000 trouble-free miles out of them.

Well, that started me on my quest. Keep in mind that there's no imminent danger of the car falling off the road, or of the tires suddenly exploding in a parking lot. I've probably got about 3 or 4 months before things start getting really ugly, treadwise.

So I decided to start looking for a place to buy the recommended Michelin's, over the weekend.

I dropped by the local STS store on Saturday morning. The particular model of tire I need, LTS M/S, P215/70R16 99S, is on something called "national backorder" which means nobody can get 'em, and nobody can order 'em.


A simple little exploratory outing had suddenly turned into a matter of life or death.

I detoured down Route 130 towards Bordentown, to the nearest BJ's. They didn't have it in stock, either. Same story.


Now, of course, I'm terrified to drive.

By yesterday afternoon I wanted to know, personally, from Michelin headquarters in France, WHY these tires are on national backorder and WHEN, precisely, I might expect to see them being delivered for installation on my car.

As if they'll tell me. But really...

don't these people know who I think I am??

If they know what's good for them, they'll start pooing tires later on today.

Am I crazy?



Aerten said...

Only 25,000 miles on a set of tires? THAT's crazy!

I'm getting new tires for my Odyssey next week. I'll be at about 72,700 miles. Yes, I think I might have been better off getting new tires 500 miles ago.


No, sir. You are NOT crazy.

Bev Sykes said...

Aren't you talking about the country whose "fries" were demoted to Freedom fries? And you're wondering why they aren't eager to satisfy our every whim?

Alan said...

(resisting the urge to point out that if you Really need to replace the tires there are other perfectly serviceable brands and swallowing the words 'drama queen' before they can escape my lips)

JoyZeeBoy said...

Egads, Alan, you're right. I am a drama queen. Somebody pointed out to me that they actually didn't expect anything less, given how I went on and on about the Dyson vacuum cleaner, the Cuisinart coffeemaker and the Element, all before I finally bought them.

But I am still pissed that the Goodyears that the Element came with only lasted for about 30k miles. And I've heard similar gripes from other Element owners.

Aertan, any idea what brand you currently have, the one's that got 72 thousand?

Alan said...

well, given how messy my place is I will confess to being a little jealous of your Dyson ;)

(Alan spent Easter doing Spring Cleaning; rumor is the EPA will be revoking the bathroom's Superfund designation once the work has been inspected ;)

Aerten said...

Yeah, yeah... so Ron's a drama queen. LOL I think I hang out with so many I didn't notice. So much.

Anyway, Ron... the tires I have are Cavalier Accolade Plus steel radials.