Friday, March 28, 2008

The Righteously Saved

I know I've beaten this subject into the dust, but I feel compelled, today, to rant, yet again, on the subjects of presumptivness and certitude amongst the Righteously Saved.

The Righteously Saved think that we are a Christian Nation, founded by Christians, on a Christian basis and that our Constitution and laws should be based on a strictly Fundamentalist Reading of Selected Passages from some book they believe that God wrote and tossed out of Heaven one day in 1603 or something.

The Righteously Saved believe that I deliberately chose a lifestyle that flies in the face of their beliefs for the sole purpose of pissing them, and their God, off.

The Righteously Saved believe that the Godly States of America were mandated by Heaven to spread the Gospel, by the sword if necessary, to the rest of the world and that it is our God-Given Duty to do so.

The Righteously Saved believe that there should be no comingling of the races.

The Righteously Saved believe that all men should be Rich... and White... and in charge... of everything. Everyone else can either die or move to Europe.

The Righteously Saved believe that women are brood mares who exist solely to provide pleasure for Rich, White men, also to cook for them and to bear as many of their babies as they can before they wear out and die.

The Righteously Saved believe that Jesus was the Waspiest looking Jew-Boy you've ever seen in your life.

The Righteously Saved believe that the Republican Party has won every war since the Spanish-American War (hint: that was the LAST war they won).

The Righteously Saved believe that not only should we not admit the foreign spouses of LGBT Americans but, instead, that LGBT Americans should be de-ported to somewhere else.

The Righteously Saved believe that I should believe what they believe and that if I don't (or won't, or can't) then the very least I can do is to shut up and pretend that I do.

The Righteously Saved believe that I have an agenda.

But oddly enough, when I look around, the only agenda I see has the words "Righteously Saved" written all over it.


Bev Sykes said...

Speaking of the Righteously Saved, I don't know how I somehow got notified of an update to MGGM's blog, but I did, and I found this 2-part You Tube video of a "debate" between Sally ("gays are worse than terrorists") Kern and MCC pastor Scott Jones.

Aerten said...

If the Righteously Saved weren't in charge of every freakin' little thing, they'd be locked up as totally loonies. They scare me, they piss me off and sometimes I want to smack them over the head with shovels.

It's a good thing I'm a really nice person, I guess.

Saw that thing on MGGM's site, too (ok, only managed to watch part of it). Sally + shovel, that's all I have to say about her. Sigh.