Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Giving Up the 80's on 8

I unsubscribed to XM Satellite Radio today. I'd been a loyal subscriber for 2 years and 9 days. But when an invoice recently showed up inviting me to re-up for another 2 year stint I looked at the price, nearly $300.00, and thought, "Hey! Fuck this! I want a TIVO!"

"Sarah" in Mumbai did what she could to inveigle me back with enticements including a "heavily discounted" year of service (seventy-seven bucks) or even a "free 3-month trial subscription... WHILE I THOUGHT ABOUT IT." I thanked her very politely, because Indian people are nothing if not polite, and said a firm "no."

In a thrice it was all over between me (and Sarah) and XM. When I get back to the park and ride this evening and turn the car radio on, my commuting life will have gone from over 200 channels of reruns (and still there's nothing on, BUT HEY, AT LEAST IT'S COMMERCIAL FREE!) to a handful (40 or 50) of commercial radio stations from New York and Philadelphia, i.e. "ground zero" for radio in the good old U.S. of A.

Does anybody know how much a TIVO subscription costs per month?


Bev Sykes said...

Can't help you with TIVO (we have comcast's DVR). I was shocked to find out how much satellite radio is! I gave Ned a radio and Marta was going to buy him an x-month subscription. I wonder if he still has it...

He wanted it for Howard Stern. Ned was the guy who engineered the Stern broadcast for his radio station for several years in Sacramento and he found that after Howard moved to Sirius, he missed hearing him every day.

JoyZeeBoy said...

Nothing wrong with Comcast and someday, when I'm a big boy and have a place of my very own, I might well subscribe directly to their service rather than having to rely on the weirdos downstairs for a 2nd cable box on their subscription.

Anyway, yes, XM is outrageous. What's more outrageous is that I got that invoice for nearly $300.00 for 2 years service and then, when I got Mumbai on the line, they offered me an entire year for sevent-seven bucks (or $144 for 2 years, half of what they originally tried to charge me).

Screw 'em.

I'm back to listening to the same radio station I listened to in college, WMMR, 93.3, in Philadelphia. It was great in the 70's and it still is.