Friday, December 03, 2010


Has anyone else noticed that while we're busy staying focused on all the homophobia behind the thinking of militarists like McCain and Jolly-Ollie North, the "grand issue" over repeal of DADT, in their minds, is not anyone's rights, or who is getting shat upon, but rather, the pristine preservation, at any cost, of the biggest wehrmacht, er, war machine in the world.

Ollie and Johnnie would've been right at home in ancient Rome or in Albert Speer's world capital, "Germania", where preservation of the Party and the State superceded any "collateral damage", which includes people, that might be incurred along the way.

They both envision a perpetually armed and alert America, prepared at a moments notice to spend every dollar and expend every life to impose our will on an unwilling world. They, like the Pentagon, argue that we must always be ready to fight the last war, even as we fail, miserably, to find solutions to our current ones.

They would call this "patriotism." I, of course, would call it Fascism. Unlike them, I picture an America at peace, not perpetually at war.

They picture an America steeped in ignorance, intolerance and war-mongering. I picture an America steeped in love, compassion and forgiveness.

Okay... which of those is the “Christian” view?