Friday, June 01, 2007

TB Boy

TB Boy is "pretty sure" that he wasn't infectuous so he decided to go ahead and have unprotected sex, er, breathing, with bunches of people trapped inside an airliner with him (several of them, actually) for hours and hours and hours on end.

Now if some queer who'd been diagnosed with HIV but who had yet to exhibit any symptoms went around having unprotected sex with people because "he wasn't sick (yet)", you'd better believe that there would be a public outcry (and probably some lynching mobs) about it.

I work for lawyers, I know how they think. If some CDC doctor didn't sit down with TB Boy and put an iron-clad "no-fly" contract in front of him to sign, he would've done exactly what he did... find some way to weasel out of it. And to not feel an ounce of shame or remorse about it, either because, you see, that's the way "the game" is played!!!!

And yes, they DO think they're special and unique and different.

Do I hope he dies? Of course not. Do I sincerely hope that somebody will take him outside into a dark alley and pound the living shit out of him? YOU BET I DO!

He may not be legally culpable.

But is morally culpable. Not to mention reprehensible, egotistical and utterly self-serving.

Does his new bride actually trust him to be the father of her babies? I don't care how cute he is.

I wouldn't trust him as far I could spit.


Alan said...

ummm, Ron, much as I love it when you get on your bully pulpit and rant I find myself a bit more in sympathy with TB boy... Denial is most always a major part of the reaction to a serious diagnosis and running away to the other side of the world is the sort of thing people in denial do.

and fwiw, I personally have become very distrustful of our government and can certainly imagine, if told by government doctors that I had some horrible disease, even though I feel fine, and advised to put my life on hold and not go anywhere, saying 'phuque you buddy' and disappearing for a couple of weeks before reality sets in and returning to the hospital like a good boy for treatment, which sounds rather like what happened here

I don't disagree that he behaved irresponsibly but can't share your full fledged outrage at this.

and more importantly I am dying to know if you made an offer on the paint box condo over the weekend?

Alan (was gonna be tactful and not suggest that you in particular should have some empathy for guys suffering denial but couldn't quite manage it)

JoyZeeBoy said...

You make excellent points (as usual), and God knows I was the Queen of Denial for a long time.

If he'd been in any other profession than lawyer, I probably would've cut him all the slack in the world.

But as soon as I hear "self-will run riot" and "lawyer" mentioned in the same breath, I immediately opt for nefarious self-centeredness as the operative motive. Lawyers, nearly without exception, think they're special and can do whatever the f*ck they want.

As for the condo, I was going to make an offer on the place on Friday but was told by someone else who lives in the same development to "hold off for a week or two." She wasn't more specific than that, but I trust her, so I'm gonna wait.

Alan said...

somehow I missed the fact the he's a lawyer. I'm not sure how that would affect my feelings on this. I seem to have a love/hate thing with lawyers. When I need one and they do effective work for me, I love 'em. When they are working for someone else and I read about their shenanigans, I hate 'em. I suppose, that like cops they are a "necessary evil".