Friday, June 08, 2007

Peter Pace, Paris Hilton & Isiah Washington

Peter Pace won't be nominated to serve as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs again, ostensibly because the hearings would "focus on the past, rather than the future."

Well, how's that for fucking understatement?

The past? As in the past five years of utter mismanagement of a situation that should never have occured to begin with and only looks bleaker with every passing day.... as young Americans die for nothing?

Or the past as in when General Pace said out loud that "homosexuality is immoral", when every gay man and woman in uniform is expected and enjoined to keep their big fat traps shut about their gay politics while it's okay for the General to mouth off about his?

This guy is not a healer, not a visionary, not a good leader. I'm not saying that Good Generals need to be Dr. Phil. But they don't have to be Atilla the fucking Hun, either.

So, Hallelujah and Amen, to the end of Peter Pace. May he retire, as I'm sure he will, to some cushy no-work, high-pay, job as a "consultant" to some arms manufacturer who likes to have an "in" at the Pentagon on the payroll, whilst he also double-dips into the public weal for a hefty retirement plan as a multi-star General (with full benefits for life, such as medical care and tax-free PX shopping).

It was good to be the King.

Let's hope that his successor is not as big an asshole as his predecessor was.

Next up, the judge ordered Paris Hilton back to the pokey this afternoon. Apparently she got hysterical and had a nervous breakdown in court. Nobody gave a rat's ass. She's back in the cooler, where she belongs. Not because she's a drunk. Not because she violated parole. Not because she has a sense of entitlement a mile wide and a thousand feet deep.

She should be back in jail for the same reason that Peter Pace should no longer be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and for the same reason that ABC fired Isiah Washington today ... to prove to them all that their shit does, indeed, stink.


Alan said...

umm dr. phil is a homophobic bigot, too.

JoyZeeBoy said...


I don't know where he stands on queer rights, or even queers in general, but I was kind of hoping that he'd be somewhat more enlightened than the good general.

Owell, my bad.