Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Clear Disgrace of Washington D.C.

Sergeant Kokesh (USMC) has had his honorable discharge reduced to a General Discharge. This was the Marine Corps way of backpedaling. They originally wanted to give him a dishonorable discharge. This was because he was "disrespectful" to some jive-ass brass hat (an officer of some non-discernible rank) and to the uniform, presumably because he wore a stripped-down version of his combat camo gear during some protests.

During my stay in the United States Navy I, myself, participated in MANY anti-war activities (and this was on ACTIVE duty, not the inactive reserve, like Sergeant Kokesh). I cannot say with any certainty that I didn't wear some portion of my uniform during these activities. In fact, I'm pretty sure I DID wear some piece of my uniform while marching down Pennsylvania Avenue from behind the White House to Capitol Hill.

I was wearing my Navy issue skivvies underneath my civilian clothes. I'm absolutely certain of it.

And, by the logic of this military kangaroo court which has attempted to strip Sergeant Kokesh of his honor (they failed, by the way... they've created a martyr, instead), that makes me guilty of bringing dishonor to the uniform of the service.

So come and lock me up, assholes. I'm waiting.

Meanwhile, President Shitforbrains has nominated some faith-based Snake Oil Salesman to be the #1 doctor in the United States. This so-called physician thinks that us 'mos are defective and that we need to "give up" our "evil lifestyle" and "choose" the other "right" one, instead.

The various logic-defying leaps and bounds in that sort of thinking is nothing short of breathtaking!

Where DOES President Bush find these people? Under rocks???!!!

I cling to the hope that someone will come along to rescue this nation from the clutches of the evil clans who sit on both sides of the aisles.

I hope and pray that someone will point out to the Red States and their small-minded minions that the United States of America was invented here, in the Blue States, and not out there in "Jesusland".


Bev Sykes said...


No. Scratch that. Sadly, with this administration it is all too believable.

Alan said...

thanks for the update. after reading about this last week I had wondered how the hearing went. does a 'general' discharge mean he can still get va benefits?

JoyZeeBoy said...

Alan, I honestly don't know what it means in terms of his benefits.

Yeah, Bev, it's obviously punitive and an outrageous attempt to squelch the free speech of service men & women. It ain't got nothing to do with disrepecting an officer or a uniform.

I'm still waiting for the SP's to show up to escort me to Portsmouth Naval Prison for having marched in the May Day Anti-War Demonstrations in 1970 while wearing my Navy issue boxer shorts!

Alan said...

according to Joe My God

"A general discharge means that Kokesh will get to keep his GI benefits,..."