Friday, June 29, 2007

What the Hell is Going On Here?

It must be a full moon. Yesterday was a zoo around here (old 12-Step program saying, "Just because the monkey is off my back doesn't mean that the circus has left town!").

For several days there have been pile-ups or broken down vehicles or gawd knows what else causing hours long delays on the inbound and outbound commute. This morning it was "an event" that left a residue of about 12,000 pounds of shredded, pink, R-13, fiberglas insulation blowing around the turnpike like some kind of a Queer Version of the tumbleweed in the opening credits of "Gunsmoke." (see: 1950's, old queens)

We never did see what had caused it. Perhaps a Home Depot delivery truck had inexplicably exploded during the morning rush. Whatever. We were an hour late getting into midtown.

Then there are the whackos at work. One associate I work for, Mr. Candidate for Rehab, went ballistic on me yesterday because I didn't skip lunch and work on his document, instead. Apparently that permanently negatively impacted his social life. If he's depending on me for a viable social life, he's in deep shit. I didn't bother to tell him that I no longer "do" guilt-trips. But if I ever do tell him it'll be preceeded by "Look, Sparky, if you think I don't care about you, you're right!"

Still, my Sponsor wants me to make nice with others, so I spent all day yesterday trying to placate him. Which is why I never got around to posting something (which I usually do during my lunch hour, which I generally spend at my desk.)

I'm just glad it's Friday. I can handle crazy as along as it's of my own making, which it usually is on weekends. Maybe I'll see "Sicko" this weekend. Or "Ratatouille." Or even the Fantastic Four sequel. Something. Anything.

I need a vacation. And a week from tomorrow I'm leaving on one. I don't know how I'm going to handle being away for 2 weeks, without a laptop from which to blog and surf the web. I guess I'd better start shopping for internet cafes on Cape Cod and down in Rehoboth NOW.

I'll just die if I can't read all my favorite blogs every day. I might have to read a book or something.

God forbid.


Bev Sykes said...

Excuse me? NOT read your favorite blogs? You think you deserve some "down time" or something? (I guess I'm trying to guilt-trip the wrong person, huh?)

Seriously, I hope you have a FABulous vacation and come back with all sorts of things you can blog about and things you don't dare blog about but will share in e-mail. :)

Alan said...

I will miss your daily rants but hope you have a refreshing getaway. As for recommending a good book...