Monday, June 04, 2007


Whatever happened in Florida yesterday morning showed up here last night and continued through the morning commute which, on Mondays, is no joy to begin with.

But I'm here.

Which is also about the only thing you can say about all the characters on the tv show, "Lost." I only mention it because I've gotten hooked on it. The problem has been that the show comes on so late that I can never see it. Therefore I haven't seen it since it's earliest days, when I think it came on somewhat earlier.

Anyway, somehow or other I caught the last episode of Season Three a few weeks back and it instantly rekindled my interest when Charlie (apparently) died in the undersea ... chamber. So I put out an APB at work the next morning, asking everyone in the firm if they had seasons one and two on DVD and if I could borrow them.

The head of our back-office came through for me and, a week ago last Friday, he handed me a bag containing the collections. So I spent the weekend looking at about 4 or 5 episodes. Then I settled down during the week to watching 2 episodes a night. Hey, there's nothing on TV now that sweeps is over and television has lapsed into the summer doldrums.

I did another marathon this past Saturday, and caught 2 more episodes yesterday. So, in just over a week, I've seen 18 of the 24 episodes from Season One. I should finish the remaining 6 episodes this week and be able to start on Season Two this coming weekend.

I love the fact that I don't have to sit through commercials... or take week-long hiatuses between episodes. I can back-to-back as many as I want. It's also easier to see "the big picture" this way. To see how so-and-so is related to such-and-such because of this-and-that.

I LOVE watching television this way. Episodically, but speedily.

It's also easier to see that there are no heroes on the island (or in real life). There's good and bad in all of us. Sometimes we mean well and sometimes we have agendas. Sometimes it's all about me and sometimes it's all about you.

Life's a tough call sometimes.

Now, I already know too much about what's going to happen, but for now I'm pretty good at suspending my prior knowledge (and disbelief) and actually getting into caring about Claire and her baby (and why DID Ethan want her so desperately? SHUSH UP! NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!). And will Charlie stay clean? Will Sayid and Shannon stay together? Is Hurley really "jinxed?" And what about the crazy French woman in the jungle? Will she kill the guys who've set off to find her to ask her for some batteries? Will Locke ever find something to eat other than gutted toad? Will Jin ever forgive Sun for learning English? Will Kate and Jack ever become an item?

And will somebody please wipe that sh*t-eating grin off Sawyers face? (Gawd, I hate that smug SOB!)

And who the f**k are the "Others?"

Stay tuned until next time...


Bev Sykes said...

LOL--that's how I got hooked on Sopranos. Got so hooked on Sopranos that even Walt was speaking in the "f" word every time he came into the room. I'm so glad to see that the high quality is continuing into the final season, or perhaps especially in the final season. Next week it's all over. Sob!

JoyZeeBoy said...

I'm such an addict and it doesn't matter what form the "substance" comes in. Booze, potato chips, tv shows, internet porn... it's all a way of "checking out" and isolating and, for me, that ain't good.

Luckily though, summer stuff is coming along to disrupt the pattern (i.e. Cape Cod in July and doctors before that). But I could use a "real" project, such as buying and then fixing up, a new home.

Bev Sykes said...

Hey, well now there's an idea. Why don't you buy and fix up a home? Want a puppy?

JoyZeeBoy said...

NO PUPPIES!!!! I've been reading your exploits. They're worse than babies.

Kitties perhaps. Two of them to keep each other company.

But there go the houseplants.

Alan said...

joel and I watched Lost when it was first on. I was very impressed with the first episode and continued to tune in for the next few, but after awhile I found I just couldn't follow the plot anymore and lost interest. I think Joel stuck with it longer but not really sure. I have been watching The Sopranos and Six Feet Under on DVD. I'd seen some of both on HBO (back when I had HBO or stayed in hotels a lot). It is an extended pleasure, rather than a marathon since I have to wait for each disc to come in at the library and then order the next batch.