Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Mary Poppins Weekend

Why Mary Poppins? Because so far this weekend is turning out to be... "Practically Perfect in Every Way!" That's why.

The weather has been fantastic. Yesterday was probably one of the top 10 days I can ever remember, weather-wise. Today is going to be toastier, but still beautifully clear.

It's also perfect because I've had very few onerous chores to do. Oh, I had to get some blood work done, and pick up some x-rays for my appointment with my urologist on Thursday, but after that, my time was my own. And I do love a few unscheduled hours every week. I frittered it away watching a couple of episodes of season two of "Lost." The Tailies have made it to the other side of the island and the leader of the Tailies has shot and killed Blondie.

And speaking of blood work, I got the results of the tests I had last weekend on behalf of the new endocrinologist. My A1C (the end-all test for diabetics) is 5.9. That's actually just below the point of being defined as diabetic (my previous readings have been 13.9 when I was diagnosed, then 6.1 and 6.1 in back-to-back readings, six months apart).

I'm very pleased with myself about that.

Oh, and after I published my "Kidnapped" piece, I called the magic check-in number for jury duty and found out that I've been excused for tomorrow. So I get to go to work, instead!


Then I get to check the number again, tomorrow, after five, to find out what my status will be on Tuesday. They keep you on "hold" like this all week.

Mercer County sucks.


Father's Day

I have a very conflicted relationship with my father. I had almost no interaction with him as a child (my mom was a vindictive bitch and ordered everyone in the family to keep him from me, and vice versa, throughout my childhood). Anyway, the Handsome Prince was "supposed" to come along and rescue me from the clutches of the Evil Queen, only he never showed up and it turned out that the Prince had fucking issues of his own.

So, I don't have a lot of positive, warm-fuzzy feelings towards dear old sperm donor. As I've posted here before, I'm closer to my step-mom than I am to him.

I'm sure it came as a bitter disappointment to him when he found out I was gay. But no more bitter or disappointing than my feelings of abandonment by him throughout my childhood.

We're both very careful to never step too forcefully into those two subjects.

We both know deep down that we could, if we chose, open up a world of major-league hurt on each other.

And out of respect to the woman we both love we just keep our mouths shut.

To please her, I will call him later to wish him, as sincerely as I can, a happy Father's Day.

So, just for today, I think I'll enjoy the weather, enjoy my freedom and be grateful that a good woman spent 50 years making up to my dad for the year he had to endure of my mother.

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