Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Drs. McDreamy, McSteamy & McFagbash

Is there anyone left on the planet, over the age of six, who hasn't heard all the gory details regarding "Grey's Anatomy" star Isiah Washington's "issues" regarding gay people?

For all the flapdoodle in the press and on the internet, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is asking the salient question. How in God's name did he wind up in Show Business?? Did it NEVER occur to him that the theater is absolutely crawling with sodomites? Did he actually make it to the point where he got a recurring, leading role on a major television show without ever ONCE encountering a "Friend of Dorothy's?" Did it only recently dawn on him that there were cocksuckers and fudgepackers in the industry? HOW FRIGGIN' STUPID IS THIS DUMB SOB?

The whole hullabaloo reminds me of an interview with a member of the US Air Force, early in the days of the Clinton Administration when the idea of issuing an Executive Order ending discrimination against gays in the services was being seriously floated, who actually said, "Well, if they do order it I won't stand for it. I'll resign my commission and go to work for a civilian airline." Oh, yes. The travel industry is a fine place to avoid contact with flaming queens. It was clear that that dope had never flown from coast to coast aboard American Airlines. NOW BOARDING DENIAL, PARTY OF ONE!

What won't work, and everyone already knows this except Isiah Washington, is the "new leaf" strategy. All of this window dressing of publicly kissing and making up with his castmates, and loudly publicized meetings with GLAAD representatives is, as all the grownups in the room know, just window dressing until and when such time as the ABC lawyers can, in careful cahoots with the marketing and sales departments, pull the legal plug on Washington's Ass without fear of a) losing too many rating points and b) getting sued. There is "plot-line" to be played out. I'm sure the powers that be at ABC will twist all the talent's arms to get them to "make nice" with each other through the end of the season, after which, during the summer hiatus, Washington's character will "die in a hideous plane crash" while he is on a humantarian trip to save somebody or other in the jungles of Brazil. Or something like that.

Soaps have been doing this shit for years. It's a no-brainer.

Did no one ever explain to Mr. Washington that in Hollyweird you have to kiss a lot of ass to get and keep your career? And that includes a lot of queer butt?

As Mr. Washington has discovered and will continue to discover, there is such a thing as the "Gay Mafia."


Bev Sykes said...

Or in other words, hell hath no fury like a bitchy queen.

JoyZeeBoy said...

Three Snaps to that, O Sister of mine!