Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Beginning of the End?

Don’t look now but George W. MyWayortheHighway and Queerfathering Cheney have totally blown our carefully cultivated worldwide illusion of Totally Awesome and Utterly Invincible American Military Might. In over six years of looking everywhere but where he is we haven’t found Osama. However, we have managed to start a war where none was needed and to kill lots of American youngsters in our arrogantly misguided neocon-inspired effort to Democratize the UnDemocratizable and to civilize the Uncivilizable! YOU GO, USA! (preferably home)

Did you know that right now, in Davos Switzerland, there are serious discussions underway about what life is going to be like in the world in the Post-American Age? Those braniacs see it coming. The End of the American Empire. How long did we last? 62 years since the end of WWII? Rome managed a few centuries longer.

Don’t kid yourselves. Dubya and Dipshit see it coming, too. But to ensure that the masses (gee, this is sounding more like Rome every day) are being kept constantly entertained (ignore those invading Visigoths currently attacking the city gates and occasionally lobbing fireballs over the walls!!!), the ruling family throws raw meat to the crowds in the form of hot button non-issues, like who’s getting more blowjobs than you are (queers, of course) and how those sexually sated blowjobbers are threatening the very foundations of the nation (blah, blah, blah).

When I was a kid, we were God’s Chosen People, the High and Mighty United F*CKING States of America. So if we were so high and mighty how come I had to spend so much time “ducking and covering” or running out into the hall and sitting on the floor, facing the wall, all scrunched up with my back to the impending nuclear blast? I never heard about little Soviet kids having to do that. Maybe the Soviets weren’t nearly as paranoid as we were. Or maybe the Soviets didn’t feel the need to scare the living shit out of their little kids the way we did. Or, maybe they just didn’t give a rat’s ass if all their children fried in a nuclear holocaust (and no, I don’t believe that). Or, maybe, even then we were just putting on "shows" for the benefit of the great unwashed masses out there, so they wouldn't ask too many questions about the way their money was being spent by the military-industrial complex that General Eisenhower had warned us about. A military-industrial complex which has secretly ruled this country ever since World War II.

It is my personal belief that history will judge this administration to have “blown it” for America. I believe that George W. Bush will, in time, be vilified in our history books as the Worst President the United States of America ever had. I believe that America, like Judas, sold it’s salvation for a lousy 30 pieces of silver in the form of tax cuts.

I am one of the most optimistic people I know. Others also think so. I take no joy in writing this screed, but I absolutely believe every single word of it.

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