Friday, April 25, 2008

The Only Gay in the Village

BBC America broadcasts a comedy series called “Little Britain” in which the two male leads play a variety of characters in funny vignettes about English life. One of the characters, Daffyd (David), lives in a small Welsh village and spends his days in too tight clothing proclaiming to anyone who’ll listen that he’s the “only gay in the village.” The village, of course, couldn’t care less that he’s gay. Mostly they ignore him.

But it does raise the issue of why sleepy little villages anywhere dislike today’s Day of Silence. It’s because for hundreds of years people didn’t have to deal with the issue because there were “no gays in our valley.” Now it seems like there are gays everywhere. And a lot of folks hate it when the local high school straight/gay alliance has a Day of Silence.


Because it forces one group of people to acknowledge the existence of another group of people.

And that means having to give thought to what it is that we actually do. And a lot of straight men, who have no problem at all with thinking about the various holes in the female body they’d like to penetrate with their hard-ons have a great deal of difficulty with thinking about which of their orifices they’d like to have penetrated by some other male’s hard-on.

They’re my favorite kind of hypocrite. The blatantly obvious kind.

And speaking of Redheads:

On September 30, 2007 I blogged about the former prop comic turned Steroid-Botox Freak, Carrot Top. That post turned out to be one most “hit” upon of all my postings since I started this nonsense in August of 2006. But have a look at the Top now! He’s downright scary!

And then click HERE to read what the Mop Top is up to these days.

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