Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cranky & Bizzy

Last Friday I was "informed" that from now on I am responsible for making sure that one of the associates I work for enters his time in our bookkeeping system on a more timely basis than a) once a month and b) whenever he feels like it.

I hate being the babysitter to somebody who makes 3 times what I make who won't do what he's supposed to do.

To make Friday even worse I was told that starting this week I would have to work on a SEC document that needs to be created and filed on behalf of one of our clients.

SEC documents are formatting nightmares. To make matters "easier" the powers that be decided to a) use a form for the document which is Edgarized on the internet at the SEC website (don't ask and I won't tell). Then they decided to divvy up the document amongst six different secretaries to tidy it up. The only problem with that being that six secretaries have six different ways of tidying up.

On Monday morning all six pieces were forwarded to me for assembly.

What a friggin' mess. I might as well have typed the entire document myself, from scratch.

I've spent the remainder of this week getting it (it now tops out at over 100 pages) into some semblance of readable shape.
But enough grousing.

Let's talk about General Westmoreland Petraeus. I understand that he testified before somebody yesterday or the other day. Things are just swell. We should "stay the course." Or some bullshit like that. I guess he's jockeying for the job of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs someday. Trust me, though. He won't get it.

Is it just my imagination or are we in VietNam all over again?

Ya know, sometimes I like to speculate on exactly what we could've bought with that Trillion Dollars we've thrown away trying to subjugate a bunch of hotheaded religious nuts in a country that brings exactly nothing to our strategic party. Perhaps we could've found the cure's for cancer, AIDS, ALS, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy? Or provided free education for every American under the age of 25 up to and including college? Or ... well, I'm sure you have some good ideas, too. Let's hear 'em!

There are some shining spots in this week, though. Today is pay day and tomorrow is Friday!

And that makes life worth living.

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Bev Sykes said...

Hmmm...sounds like somebody's higher power is opening the door for the possibility of a career change. Jes' sayin'