Monday, May 21, 2007

Still Lookin'

Yesterday must've been "Open House Day" in central New Jersey. It seemed like everyone is selling their place and moving somewhere else.

I spent the afternoon cruising around, looking for something interesting and found this place.

In keeping with my newfound interest in architectural quirkiness, I fell in love with the massive skylights in the living room of the place. The balcony overlooks the woods behind the building (a real plus!). The fireplace works but I'd like to convert it to gas. The dining area (where the photographer is standing) is slightly raised, which I liked.

The kitchen is more than sufficient for me. (Gas range, an absolute necessity), the master bedroom is quite large with a huge walk-in closet (another plus). The guest room is large enough to house both a home office and a guest bed.

But let me tell you what I really fell in love with. This place (and I don't have a picture of it) has a UTILITY ROOM the size of a New York City apartment. It not only contains the washer and dryer (full sized), but it also contains a house-sized hot water heater AND the gas powered heating/airconditioning unit. On top of that, there's enough shelf space in there to park the collected works of everybody!

The owner is making a fresh start elsewhere. She confided to me that she's moving to Sarasota, no later than the end of the summer. She's only interested in taking the clothes on her back and would be willing to throw in much of the furniture, in addition to already leaving all of the appliances (nice ones, I might add).

Okay, I'm starting to see how this real estate shit works. It's like falling in love, or hiring a hustler. It doesn't look like much at first. Then you start wondering how it would look naked. Then you start fantasizing how it would look "all dressed up" the way YOU'D like it to be, rather than the way it is.

Oooo, baby. Who's your daddy?

(Yeah, I know. Sign the papers and I'll be the mortgage company's bitch for the next 30 years).

Crap. Now I'm starting to wonder how this place would look in the paint job I saw in the first place I look, two weeks ago.

Is heartache just around the corner?

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Bev Sykes said...

I love watching your angst...nice angst this time!