Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's the Foreign Policy, Stupid

Okay, I'm only going to say this once.

All of our woes, foreign and domestic, can be traced back to one thing and one thing only.

It is the fault of a foreign policy that, for centuries, has emphasized American hegemony overseas. A policy that said that WE ARE ENTITLED to export whatever we define as democracy, at the point of a gun if necessary. A foreign policy that has drained the national treasury time and again to pay for our interventionist excursions, often to the point of starving the poorest of our poor and throwing away their children in the process.

A foreign policy that has enabled us to install and prop up dictators from Central and South America to the Caribbean and the Middle East.

WE owned the Shah of Iran. He was "our boy." WE owned (and we can't run away from this one) Francisco Franco in fascist Spain. WE owned the overthrow of the King of Greece and the installation of a military junta there and President Allende of Chile, (we were very big on supporting military juntas and tossing out Presidents we don't like... we did it in VietNam, too).

The fact is that we rarely, if ever, supported "real" democracy in countries that we "liberated."

What we really supported were people who would look out for OUR strategic interests in THEIR countries.

The Soviet Union may have been OUR evil empire but rest assured, we were theirs.

So when you see some neocon congressman crying his eyes out on tv, he isn't crying because American kids are dying. He's crying because we're not shoving it up the asses of the rest of the world with as much vigor as he'd like us to have.

That's what he's really crying about. His pet theories are being shot to hell, along with a lot of totally innocent Americans and Iraqis.

WE created this fucking mess. Generations of policy wonks in Washington and in so-called think tanks all around the US have, on our behalf and with our permission, cooked all this shit up.

And it is time for all of us who care about these things to pick up the phones or log into our e-mail systems, and to let our elected reps in DC know that this situation is no longer tolerable.

I don't know about you, but I'm becoming extremely libertarian in my views. The "job" of the government in Washington is to:




and with all that leftover money that we no longer waste on foreign wars and propping up dictators and destabilizing others, we should:

Cure Diseases
Offer Universal Healthcare
Hand out Free Education (and not just colleges, trade schools too for those so inclined)

And Elizabitch Hasselhoff, or whatever the hell her name is, can suck me off, and so can the House Minority leader, Bill Kristol, Doug Feith, AG Gonzalez, Dick Cheney (and that self-loathing dyke daughter of his), Rummy, the entire Bush Family and every employee of Halliburton above the rank of peon.

May they ALL rot in hell for what they've done. Or thought about doing.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. I'm off to the wilds of NYC to spend some quality time with another recovering drunk. Hopefully I'll be able to log in tomorrow!



Bev Sykes said...

The one thing I've always noticed about you is that you're so quiet and shy and afraid to speak your mind.

C'mon. Don't hold back. Be brave, like Rosie. Tell it like it is!

(And I hope you had a a FABulous time)

SteveSchalchlin said...

Now, sweetie. No libertarian would say that the gov't. owes universal health care or anything else in your post except the first two items. So, you're only KINDA libertarian. :-)

JoyZeeBoy said...

It was okay. The city is too crowded on holiday weekends these days. Frankly, I miss (and I suspect a lot of sailors and marines also miss) all the hookers and street people who used to hang around 42nd Street. Now it's like DisneyWorld North.

As for the libertarian moniker, Sweetcheeks (btw, LOVE the facial hair, Steve), it was uttered in the heat of the moment, or the heat of the night. Well, I was definitely in heat when I said it.