Wednesday, April 25, 2007


"Quiet" Copyright © Austin Cline.
I knew it was going to be a bad day when I got to the office and there was a pile on my chair marked "Urgent."

I don't know how I got to be the "go-to-guy" for "Urgent" stuff, but I know from bitter, first-hand experience that we actually "train" people to how to treat us, so it must be my fault (hint to all my readers... YOU are responsible for your shitty lives, nobody else is).

So I looked at the pile and dispensed with my usual morning trip to the a) men's room and b) coffee maker and plowed right into the project which needed immediate attention. An hour or so later, after several other people had made me the solution to THEIR problems, too, I was up to my eyeballs in work.

I don’t mind being busy. I don’t mind being crazy, either. I just object to it when everybody else is equally crazy at the same time. It helps if we can “spread it around a little.” But today there was no place to spread it to. Everybody at the office was as bat-shit-crazy as me, including my boss.

There was a time in my life when I had to be all and end all to everybody. I had this deep-seated need to please. In my 12-Step program we call this “people-pleasing.” In fact I’m what’s known in the business as a “people-pleasing ass-kisser.” This goes hand in hand with another odd quirk of us drunks, that being that we’re all “egomaniacs with inferiority complexes.”

Don’t ask. Just accept the fact that we’re all slightly nuts, no matter how much time in recovery we have. It’s part of our endearing charm.

So I’m feeling kind of swamped, and therefore feeling put-upon and therefore nobody has ever endured the sort of Trials of Job that I’ve had to put up with (today)!

Except for everybody else on the face of the Earth, of course. Sometimes I forget that. Like today.

So the next time you’re feeling swamped, remember this:

At least you’re not drunk. And neither am I!


Bev Sykes said...

I don't know anything about being swamped or taking on too much, of course.

JoyZeeBoy said...

Personally, I find it very easy to look busy by merely procrastinating enough!