Monday, October 23, 2006


Turned on the tv lately?

Good luck finding anything entertaining. It's High Political Season. I live in New Jersey. Bob Menendez (D) is running against Tom Kean Jr (R) for the US Senate. There's so much filth being flung in both directions you'd be hard-pressed to find anything even approaching a real "issue" in the advertising.

For all I know both of them are born-again Satanists who believe in child-sacrifice or, better yet, flaming queens who got secretly married in Provincetown last summer (damn! missed it while I was up there.)

But the stench emanating from the tv leads me to conclude that both of them are simply world-class, top-notch, American politicians, lacking a single sincere bone in their bodies, who've cut tons of shady deals and owe everything to everybody except their constituents.

Politics has always been ugly in this country.

But politics has, in my lifetime, degraded to the point where the parties might as well run ads on TV that say, "PLEASE VOTE FOR US. WE SUCK LESS!!!"

They needn't bother mentioning though, that unsaid in that slogan is the implicit admission that they both, indeed, suck.

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