Saturday, October 07, 2006

Free at Last!

Well, the good news is that Mr. X feels a lot better.

So much better, in fact, that he's going into Philadelphia tonight with a bunch of friends leaving me with the promise that we'll "try it again next week."

Okay, so what have I learned about this?

Logo (the gay cable network) is showing "Jeffrey" right now. Jeffrey is avoiding dating Jeff the hunk from the gym because he's HIV positive. That's the way the world is supposed to be ordered. Non-poz guys turning down dates with poz guys because they're afraid of "catching it."

Not me. I do it bass-ackward. I've gotten to a point where I've got no problem dating poz guys and I find the one poz man on earth who turns down dates with non-poz guys.

How weird is that? Is he co-dependently trying to protect me from him? I need to call my old therapist and schedule an appointment, I think.

I've also learned that Mr. X, although he went to the same university as I did, didn't quite have the same experiences I did. Whereas I was totally out, he was totally closeted. I was president of the Gay Community, he joined a frat and had a "girlfriend".

One thing we did have in common, though, was we both cruised into Philadelphia every weekend, to go dancing and whoring.

He also loves LA. I'm not wild about LA. There's a writer there who owes me millions.

He's probably a Republican, too, but I've already decided that I'm not even going to bother to find out if that's true or not. This relationship is over before the first date!


Do I know how to project, or what?

So, I'm back on the market, boys.



SteveSchalchlin said...

I'm coming for ya, baby!

JoyZeeBoy said...

C'mere, you gorgeous hunk, you!

Bev Sykes said...

oh my!

Alan said...

feh. one cheesy pompous sci fi writer and yer down on el lay and yer not gonna date mr. fabulous cuz he wasn't out in college all those years ago?

(represssing urge to grab you by the shoulders and shake hard)

JoyZeeBoy said...


I'm not really down on Mr. X because he was a closet case umpteen eons ago. Hell, I was a closet case in the Navy (didn't want to lose those VA bennies, after all.) I understand the necessity, at times, for closetiness.

But I am down on Mr. X because he didn't think twice about standing me up in the hopes of either a) meeting somebody "better" or b) having a better time than he would by dining with me.

Honey, I ain't gonna be nobody's "plan f*kin' b." I deserve better, and I intend to get better.

And as for LA, I'm not as down on it as I made out (for entertainment purposes). In fact, it's only a matter of time before I make a return appearance there.

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