Friday, June 13, 2008

South Cackalakie Lubs Jeebus!

I don't.

The State's Rightists are at it agin... sorry, again. This time down south. WAY down south. Pretty soon you'll be able to get the above referenced 'vanity' plate in the glorious state of South Carolina! Pride of the Confederacy (they fired the first shot against Ft. Sumpter).

But I suppose vanity is not one of the deadly sins as long as you're VAIN for Jesus!

I also suppose that some half-assed country lawyer, posing as the state's attorney-general, actually approved this. Possibly he never heard of the Constitution.

This is the same crowd that claims that they are in favor of "state's rights" yet fight, tooth and nail, to get federal amendments to the Constitution banning gay marriage and banning flag burnings and banning a woman's right to choose. The fucking hypocrites (but it's "OK" to be a hypocrite for Jesus!).

This is the same crowd that claims they are against "social-engineering" by "activist judges" yet see nothing wrong with us, as a nation, shoving an alien form of government down another nation's throat, or shoving the Christian religion down the unwilling throats of millions of Americans, like me, who do not believe in it. And never will.

This is the same crowd that will not be content until every woman is shoved back into a back-alley abortion mill, until every LGBT person is forced to retreat to the closet and until everybody else thinks and feels and acts exactly like them.

Or, as someone else put it today, until we all become members of the



Bev Sykes said...

I wonder if they'd let you design a vanity plate having some reference to being gay. Probably not.

JoyZeeBoy said...

But if they did, mine would be so filthy it would fail the pornography test.

I can't win for losing.