Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!!!!

There are rumors floating around that one of the names being considered as Barry's Vice-President is that of Sam Nunn, former senator from Georgia and former Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

That would be a catastrophe for the LGBT Community. This is the same Sam Nunn who immediately pulled the rug out from under the newly elected Bill Clinton in 1993 by engaging in self-serving political grandstanding by touring military bases all around the country and getting service members to "co-sign his bullshit" by getting them to say that such a policy would be detrimental to unit cohesion and morale (bullcrap) and by also engaging in a lot of public Pentagon-Ass-Kissing.

Senator Nunn was very good at kissing brass-ass.

But now he's "seen the light" and is, magically, proposing that it might be time to "revisit" the issue by having a "Pentagon Study" [translation= buried alive] conducted.

This is a straightforward, self-serving, crock of political shit from a man who would love to be Barry's Veep and would callously slap lipstick on his past personal pigs in order to make them seem more palatable to today's clearly different society!

You can read the whole story over at the Huffington Post by clicking HERE.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, The Decider Douche is actually experiencing a "feeling" [whatever that is] regarding his legacy. Apparently he "regrets" that people will remember him as a warmonger as opposed to remembering him for what he really is, i.e. a drunken, Yalie frat-boy. Poor baby. You can get the details regarding that crap over in the UK by clicking HERE.

Let's all be grateful that there's only 222 days left in office for Captain America, after which he will, we can all hope, slip back into ignominious anonymity, a fate he so richly deserves.

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