Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Melange

FYI, I stopped at Staples on my way home last night and bought their housebrand model "M-3" shredder which is a desktop model. Granted, I have to empty the container far more regularly than I did with the old Xerox model, but (and this is the real selling point for this particular machine) you can feed it unopened sales envelopes and it'll chomp right through 'em, even if they have one of those ersatz "credit cards" glued to one of the pages inside.

I even got it for the web-page price, $59.99, instead of the store price of $79.99. All in all, I'm very pleased with it. It's black plastic with sort of brushed aluminum accents. It looks nice on my kitchen countertop, in between the toaster and the microwave, both of which it matches. TOTALLY important for a gay man!

Now, about today. All of my personal problems are pretty high-class today (Gucci Problems), so I'm just going to pass along some headlines (and the webpages they are ripped from) for today.

Let's start with show-biz.

Gayken is Preggers. Yes, Clay Aiken is allegedly having a baby with some record producer (via artificial insemination, of course). It's only a matter of time before he buys Wonderland Ranch and starts having his skin bleached. Read about it


Then be sure to check out these photos of the Decider Guy in Chief, or whatever the fuck he calls himself these days (I call him Dipshit!), bumping pussies with an Air Force Academy Graduate and soon to be useless cannon-fodder in a pointless and unwinnable war:


Finally, if you haven't had enough yuks for the day, be sure to check out the New York Times editorial staff's opinion of Scott McClellan's new inside-the-White-House "if you sleep with the Devil be prepared to be royally fucked" tell-all,


Maybe I'll have something to yak about tomorrow.

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