Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The New Lyndon Johnson

Well McCain finally blurted out the truth in public. It started with a speech he was giving at some college when he started getting heckled. After the protesters had been shown out, he retorted to the remaining crowd that he will "never surrender in Iraq?"

As I've said before, he sat out the better part of the Vietnamese War in a POW camp and watched his country lose -- and now he's determined to not allow that to happen on HIS watch.

I believe that he believes that our country was shamed by that fiasco, and that he is on a sacred mission to salvage our national honor, tarnished and disgraced by involvement in an unwinnable civil war in Southeast Asia, by winning, no matter the costs, another unwinnable civil war, this one in the Middle East.

George W. Bush has spent 8 years on a mission to salvage his family's lost honor in the 1st Iraq War. And now John wants to continue salvaging honor, but for totally different reasons.

It doesn't matter. I have a strong aversion to men on missions.

Everyone should have a strong aversion to men on missions. No matter who they are or what they believe. They are death personified.


On a lighter note, I played hookey from work today and got the car serviced, did a little shopping, picked up my dry-cleaning and, oh, yeah, sat through a mind-numbing 90 minute first meeting with the nutritionist (pre-bariatric surgery) and a 45 minute pulmonary test with my internist/pulmonologist. For somebody who smoked for 30 years I passed with flying colors. The test involved being locked in an isolation booth and breathing heavily, which I haven't been allowed to do on the telephone ever since I got sober. But this time I was breathing into and out of some apparatus hooked up to some contraption. I was sure I'd die. Or at least, pass out.

So, the Bariatric Surgery ball continues to roll. Next go-round with doctors is a week from Thursday when I see the surgeon (again) and the psychologist.

Onward to a new life!


Mary said...

You know I agree with you, most of the time. And I am against this war, and want out as soon as we possibly can.

I probably couldn't vote for McCain if he was running unopposed. I see your point.

But don't say he sat out the Vietnam War. He was a POW, and was being tortured.

George W. and Uncle Dick sat out the Vietnam War. John McCain didn't. He has at least earned the right to have an opinion, even if I disagree with it.

JoyZeeBoy said...

Yes, he was both of those things. My point wasn't that he was a draft-dodger, or un-patriotic. Far from it. And I'm sorry if I made it sound that way.

My point was that his current attitudes and opinions regarding war were absolutely shaped by that experience of feeling helpless as our nation's pride and glory were bled away on the killing fields of Southeast Asia.

His current attitudes and opinions are informed, and inflamed, by that experience, 40 years ago.