Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Splenda Bowl Sundae!

I arose early on Splenda Bowl Sundae. I had a boatload of stuff to get done before I could settle myself down in front of the tv to rate several hours worth of commercials which had been specifically created for this annual mega-marketing event. I believe there's a football game in there, somewhere, too.

I dropped off the laundry, went to a 12-Step meeting, schmoozed with some recovering people like myself afterward and then drove into beautiful, downtown Trenton ("What Trenton Makes, the World Takes") to spend an hour or so working with a sponsee of mine on something we refer to as "The Big Book." We read 2 chapters and discussed a range of issues that they stirred up and then I headed home.

Don't faint, but I actually paid attention to the game and was glad when our own NY Giants proceeded to hand Tom Brady his own ass on a silver platter.

I was even gladder that that jerk (and all around poor sport) New England coach Bill Belichick got served a healthy serving of crow.

But, of course, the highlight of the game was the Budweiser commercial with the poor Clydesdale who didn't make the cut of the current year's team (of horses). To the rousing theme of "Rocky" a friendly Dalmation rose to the occasion and proceeded to devise a training program for the horse which would've done Sly Stallone proud. Needless to say, a year later, the horse made the team.

I loved it. It made me cry.

Oh, yeah, and New York/New Jersey won, too.


But I'm not gloating.



Aerten said...

Scrod munching jerks?

It's a good thing had not just taken a sip of my tasty beverage here, or I would have had tea in my keyboard. That's just insanely funny!

I'm sorry to have missed the Budweiser commercial; it sounded delightful. But I was subjected to extreme forms of child abuse as a child where I was forced to watch hour after hour after deathly boring hour of football. I watched a couple of DVDs of Battlestar Galactica instead.

JoyZeeBoy said...

Heh, heh, heh.

See, I'm actually a Yankees fan, but since those bums, the Red Sox, STOLE the pennant and Series from us, I've had to fall back to football to get some bragging rights over Beantown.

Don't get me wrong, I actually like Boston and some of my best friends either have lived or still do live there.

I never got into Battlestar Galactica. Don't know why because I generally like space operas (but not the point of "fan"dom).

Aerten said...

I'm a Cubs fan, so I can probably relate better to those Boston people... except that their team finally won, of course. :) And, being from Chicago originally, I still have yet to grok you East Coast types, even though I've lived here for nine years now.

You might not like Galactica because it ISN'T space opera. It's way too gritty, and doesn't have the all the unpleasantness (stuff you don't see in Trek) washed out of it. In fact, being such a huge fan of Trek (to the point of fandom, and beyond), I'm surprised I like Galactica as much as I do.