Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Blue Flu

It's been pandemonium around here for the last couple of days what with the ticker-tape parade up the Canyon of Heroes on lower Broadway up to City Hall in honor of our very own New York Giants (team colors, blue & white) win in SuperBowl XLsomething.

Oh, yeah, and we all went to the polls yesterday, too. "We" being the Blue States of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

I nearly didn't make it to the polls thanks to the hard work and barely noticeable efforts of both Academy Bus Lines and Suburban Transit (aka "Coach USA" which is actually owned, in Scotland, by a couple of ultra-right wing religious jerks who are brother and sister, anti-abortion, anti-gay and union busting... but I digress).

At the height of the evening rush hour both of those fine bus companies took it upon themselves to not bother sending buses to pick up commuters at the Port Authority building on 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue for the trek home to New Jersey.

In fact, over 7 buses failed to show up over the course of 1 hour. Believe me, by then the lines were snaking from the Ninth Avenue side of the building all the way back to the Eighth Avenue side.

I called both companies this morning and, very politely, inquired as to what the problem had been.

Naturally, it came as a complete surporse to both of them that they had failed to win their wings last night and just naturally assumed that we, the commuters had offended God in some way which FORCED their buses to be delayed, but that it certainly wasn't THEIR fault that our lives suck.

They were supposed to have gotten back to me with some answers.

Three guesses as to whether or not they did.

Despite their best efforts to steal the elections, I managed to get to the polls at home 15 minutes before they closed.

I wish I could vote on whether or not bus dispatchers (those lying sacks of crap) should life or die.

The Emperor JoyZeeBoy wouldn't hesitate to give them all a grandiose "thumbs down."


Bev Sykes said... THAT's a new way of keeping voters from the polls. I wonder which politico paid 'em off. (Isn't it sad that this was the first thought that went thru my mind when I read your entry. Shows how trust of the government has dissolved over the years!)

JoyZeeBoy said...

We're on the same wavelength. I wonder what they knew about the typical commuter, though. Are we more apt to vote for Hillary or Obama?

As Lily Tomlin once observed (and I paraphrase), the problem with being cynical is that no matter how hard you try, you just can't keep up.