Friday, November 02, 2007

I’m Dreaming of a Cuisinart Coffepot…

My mind is made up. And it only took a week. Less, actually, since I’ve only been mulling it over since Sunday.

Tonight, after work and on my way to my Friday night LGBT 12-Step meeting in Princeton, I’m going to stop at BB&B (Bed, Bath & Beware!) and get that matte black Cuisinart coffeemaker. I hope you didn’t really think that all my blather here last Monday was the final word on it did you?

The fact that it only took me five days to decide this is actually progress for me.

It only took me eleven years to decide to leave my ex, and then another four to actually do it. Guilt and fear are powerful motives for doing… or not doing… anything.

It took me about a month to decide to buy the Toaster I drive (the Honda Element). I’d shopped for cars probably for about four or five months prior to that. I was torn for the longest time between the Honda and the (Toyota-produced) Scion, which also has a boxy model.

And some people say I have a fear of commitment!


(p.s. I’m torn. Should I get my hair cut tomorrow morning, as previously scheduled, or should I get my oil changed instead? Decisions, decisions…)

(p.p.s. Go see a movie this weekend. Try the one with John Cusack. I know a little bit about it. The story just about broke my heart.)


Bev Sykes said...

{{ hugs }}

Anonymous said...

Beware of Cuisinart coffee makers - we have a DCC-1400C and it malfunctioned destroying our newly renovated kitchen. The carafe lid clogs after normal usage (even if you regularly clean it) causing the coffee to spill out and overflow. This happen to us a few times and we thought it was the filter compartment that was not seated properly. The last time (this past Saturday morning) two thirds of the pot of coffee ended up overflowing running down my kitchen cabinets and completely destroying them. The cabinet doors are stained and the wood has been so saturated with liquid that the doors are now splitting and warping. The design of the lid does not allow it to come apart for proper cleaning. The manual makes no reference or warnings to watch out for this. After tell the story to a number of friends and family, we are discovering that this is a common occurrence with Cuisinart coffee makers. For such a PREMUIM brand, this is absolutely unacceptable. I have yet to seek compensation from Cuisinart, but I feel it is important to share this information since this would have altered our decisions to buy this coffee maker knowing this problematic design.

Cheers - APB