Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Geek Squad Sucks

I hope somebody from Geek Squad googles this and gets embarrassed. They should be embarrassed. They've had my computer for a week and a half and done absolutely nothing with it.

I "dropped by" Best Buy Sunday afternoon to see what was up. They'd had it a whole week at that point. They told me that I was probably going to exceed the 9 gigabyte backup limit, so I told 'em to 86 (nix) the backup and to just diagnose the damn thing.

Then I visited the Mega-LCD HDTV department and drooled over the latest 1080p sets and then went home to my computerless apartment.

It's now Wednesday morning and I've heard nothing. How hard can it be to determine if it's a software glitch (most likely) or a hardware problem?

How busy are these people?

Meanwhile, I'm neglecting the important things in life, such as my blog. It's hard to find time during my workday to do it without feeling as though I'm stealing from my employer.

I'm also neglecting that all-important porno-download time.

There is some upside to it. I cleaned the lower level of the computer desk. It was loaded with dust bunnies and extraneous cables which hadn't been used in years. It actually looks tidy down there now.

There's no point in them getting it magically fixed today. The earliest I can get it now is tomorrow night, after work. I have a commitment tonight (another speaking engagement at a 12-Step meeting).

And there's no point in getting it this coming weekend, either. I'm going to Baltimore to visit friends. We're going to see the Washington Gay Men's Chorus production of "The Wizard of Oz" (which I'm sure my friend Bev will want a detailed report about when I get back) Saturday night.

Plans for summer vacation are coming along nicely. We're going to do a week on Cape Cod the 2nd week of July. That'll be with my friends in Baltimore and one other friend from New York. I won't even slow down on the drive home from that. I'll keep heading south, straight (well, "directly") to Rehoboth Beach (whence I recently was for that Roundup I talked about a couple of weeks back) to spend the first part of the week with my sister and her crew in a beach house that they're renting, after which I'll check into a gay bordello, er, b&b for the remainder of the week, which will round out my two week summer fling very nicely.

Thus is my life. And a very nice life it is, too.

Now if I could just get my damned computer back....


Follow-up. 1 hour later.

They called, of course. It's not hardware. The only solution is to re-install Windows. I told them I'd come collect it tomorrow night. Sometime in the next week I'll back up the C: drive myself and re-install everything.

Or, maybe I'll just buy a new C: drive (like 500Gbytes) and do a fresh install on it.


Bev Sykes said...

I was going to ask what in the world you had stored that exceeded 9 gig, but now I understand.

And yes, I want a full report on the sing-along. I need to get on some mailing list for the Castro. I'm SURE that has been done in SF.

JoyZeeBoy said...

Puhleeze. It's not the porn that's taking up all that space. It's the songs, hon. Thousands of 'em.

As for "WoZ", it's not a sing-along. They're doing a full-blown stage production (all male). Costumes, sets, the whole megillah. It's being directed by some big shot from The Folger or someplace.

Honey, you need more GAY in your life. Your life isn't nearly gay enough (although seeing "A Star is Born" eleventy-bajillion times certainly qualifies you as being pretty gay).

Bev Sykes said...

re needing more "gay" in my life...tell me about it. My gaydar is flickering. I'm looking about for a good fag to be hag for. I guess I should leave the house once in a while, huh?

JoyZeeBoy said...


I, too, know just how hard it is to find a good fag these days.