Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Anything worth doing... etc. [Part Deux]

... one of us sprouted wings and flew over the other.


Oh, okay, maybe the bridge wasn't quite as narrow as I thought and the SUV and I managed to squeeze past each other. Whatever. We made it. Then I followed a one and a half-lane road on the PA side of the river downstream for about 4 miles at which point I was directed to drive up and over a mountain to my right which, eventually, led me out to PA 611.

Interesting thing about PA 611. It's part of the longest street in the United States of America... possibly even the world. It's Broad Street in Philadelphia which starts in south Philly and runs north for about 21 miles. That's a pretty long for a street. There's a lot of history along that route, too.

Anyway, I got up over the mountain, got lost for about 3 miles, backtracked and picked up the correct trail and suddenly found myself heading towards Doylestown where Stephen Sondheim spent his summers as a child learning how to make musical theater at the knees of Oscar Hammerstein II. My goal lay past historic Doylestown, though and I continued along 611, heading towards center city. Five miles later I arrived at my destination, yet another Unitarian Church in Warrington, PA. Naturally I was the first to arrive but, within minutes, other stalwarts started showing up and, in no time, we were rolling out banquet tables, folding chairs, serving banquets, etc. and, in three shakes of a lambs tail, VOILA!, we had the fixin's for a great evenings entertainment.

Because of the stricture against discussing what actually goes on in a 12-Step meeting (anonymity being the spiritual foundation of all 12-Step programs) I can't discuss much more, but I can tell you that a great time was had by all and, by 11:00 p.m., I was home in Hightstown and passed out in my favorite comfy chair in front of the tv.

Boy... did I need a nap!

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