Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ding, dong...

the witch is dead.

Yeah, Rummy has resigned (or got kicked out - part of the "deal" Dubya had to make with Pelosi to get continued funding - for the time being - for his insane war). It's a shame we can't vote for Vice-President every two years. If we could, his ass would be gone, too.

And speaking of Pelosi, I would've given just about anything to have been in the room when Dubya had to call her and kiss her lily-white, San Franciscan, liberal-progressive @ss over the phone.

And we now have a woman who is third in line to the Presidency if, God forbid!, anything should ever happen to our well-beloved President and Whatshisname.

Women are continuing to creep up on the throne. It will happen in my lifetime.

I am content with having the House. All spending legislation originates in the House. The Senate fulminates over weighty matters of state, such as flag-burning and gay marriage.

We may have a split in the Senate, but I'm not overly concerned about that because James Dobson and his EvangeliNazis have lost their golden touch (he resigned from the "Healing Haggard" committee today - maybe Haggard don't want to be healed!!) now that it's been revealed that whole bunches of people they've backed in the past all turned out to be Big-Nelly, Screaming-Homo, Evangelical, Meth-Snorting, Bible-Thumping PageF*ckers. This newly found lack of spine on the Radical Right will embolden more than a handful of moderate Republicans to actually do the right thing socially, now and then, rather than having to constantly suck up to the Born-Again Douchebag crowd.

But I must try to be a good winner and offer my hand to the losers in friendship and love.


For more years than I care to remember THAT SIDE of the aisle did everything it could to diminish, demean and deplete me as a human being, a man, a gay person and an American.

I wish them nothing but ill-will.

Someday, when I'm a better person, I might ... MIGHT, find forgiveness in my heart.

But that day is not today. And today, I am one happy, f*cking, camper.


Bev Sykes said...

Lemrel for prez.

JoyZeeBoy said...

Yes, and ME for Secretary of State. I'm so calm and diplomatic at all times.