Sunday, November 19, 2006


I've still got an emotional hangover from Friday (see: previous post). When I fall into the trap of believing that I'm supposed to be perfect and that anything less than perfection somehow, or other, makes ME the mistake, it takes me a couple of days to talk myself back into some semblance of stability and sanity.

This is how crazy I get... last night a friend of mine invited me to come over for "game night", an event he has at his home once a month or so. A normal person would leap at it, thinking, "oh boy! this will get me out of myself!" Not me. Oh, no, I couldn't possibly. I'm feeling terrible about myself, I think I'll go home and isolate and really talk myself into feeling even worse!

So I did.

Luckily I had to get together with a bunch of friends of mine this morning for a regular Sunday morning gig we have and, by the end of it, I was feeling much better. I was no longer "the" mistake.

So now I'm ready to go into that office tomorrow morning... and pretend like nothing happened. And if HE should bring it up I'm prepared to say, "Are you STILL stuck in that? Get over it, I have."

Thanksgiving Week is starting up. I'm leaving for Virigina first thing Tuesday morning and won't be back home until next Sunday. I'll probably post tomorrow but the remainder of the week might be spotty.

Like Bev, I don't want anyone wondering if I'm lying in a gutter somewhere... dead. No. Most likely I'm stuck in traffic on I-95 somewhere between NYC and Richmond (try the Beltway around DC... that's always good for a laugh... and a 17-mile backup)

Jeez, it's practically Christmas.

What are you getting me? :-)


Bev Sykes said...

how about a puppy? LOL.

JoyZeeBoy said...

A PUPPY???!!!

Seriously, I'd love to have a dog and when I retire I plan to get one. But, being single (and working 50 miles from home), dogs are just too high-maintenance for me.

It wouldn't be fair to the dog.