Monday, January 19, 2009

My Long National Nightmare is Finally Over

When I started this blog my little "Backward Bush" clock at the bottom indicated that we still had over 700 (more) days of Bush as President.

Now that clock has run out and I have removed the computer code that kept it in place for well over two years. Tomorrow (as of this writing), in accordance with the dictates of our Constitution, President Obama will take the oath of office at exactly noon as our 44th President of these United States. And whatshisname will fade, quickly I hope, into well-deserved oblivion.

I feel like I can finally breath for the first time in many years. And for that, I am truly grateful and thank God!


Alan said...

yep. I watched him get on the heliocopter and fly back off towards texas. the nightmare is finally over.

JoyZeeBoy said...

Siiiigggghhhh. Feels good, don't it?