Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christianist Hypocrite Asks for Tolerance

Some guy named Jordan Lorance, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, a nonprofit organization of Christian attorneys, has an editorial over on CNN arguing in favor of "tolerance" towards Rick Warren and his appearance on the podium during President-elect Obama's inauguration. Read it by clicking HERE.

He is, of course, incensed, that "we" aren't practicing the same sort of tolerance we are demanding (meaning, of course, that we aren't entitled to tolerance unless we're willing to give it and, therefore, they are justified in denying us tolerance because we're so intolerant --- capeesh?)

He waves the usual flags of America, marriage, motherhood, tradition, bullshit, etc.

And, as usual, I have one question for Mr. Lorance. Where are the n-word-hating cross-burners on the podium? (his answer: "it's not the same." my answer: "yes, it is.")

We will never have peace in the Middle East because both sides intractably hate each other -- for reasons that have nothing to do with anything other than religious beliefs because they are, undeniably, first cousins in all other respects. And they know this but neither side wants to be the first to "drop the rocks" of hatred towards each other because in their society that would be seen as a sign of weakness.

I think it's pretty clear that religious testosterone is behind our problems here, too.

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