Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Wednesday is rapidly becoming "Pileup Day" on the New Jersey Turnpike. A tractor-trailer overturned up near the George Washington Bridge around 5:30 this morning prompting one cop to comment, "It used to be Dunkin' Donuts, but now it's Krispy Kreme."

There were also two separate auto pile-ups somewhere along 495 between the exit from the Turnpike and the helix down into the Lincoln Tunnel.

We were a half hour late getting into town. I jumped off my so-called Madison Avenue bus and ran down into the subway outside of the Port Authority in the hopes of catching an uptown E train to the east side faster than the bus would make it. It worked, but that was about the only thing working this week.

Last night, after work and for no other reason than it "was Tuesday" downtown subway service was virtually non-existent on the E train. It took me 20 minutes to get to the Port Authority. Luckily, bus service was as bad as subway service and I was forced to wait another 35 minutes for a bus home.

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

It's almost bad enough to make me want to blow a grand on a tailor-made interviewing suit, another couple of hundred on a fancy-schmancy resume writing service and to start putting myself out there... a lot closer to home than I work now.





Bev Sykes said...

Yeah. Right. This is a recording!

Anonymous said...

That's exhausting just reading about it. I did a three hour daily commute for 13 years, by car. It didn't bother me most of the time. Then one day it was just enough. I was tired. It was over. When it is over you realize it was even more stressful than you knew.

JoyZeeBoy said...

Yes, Bev, I know you've heard it before. Fear-based stasis is my stock-in-trade.

But like my anonymous reader says, " day it was just enough."

Maybe it's finally enough. Like when I was finished drinking.