Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fear of Economic Uncertainty

In my 12-Step program we have these things called "the Promises" which are a list of character traits that will come to us as time goes by. One of these "gifts" will be, so the literature has it, that "fear of economic uncertainty will leave us."

It's certainly been true in my case. I've talked here before about how, when I first got sober, I had (what I thought was) a mountain of insurmountable debt which would never disappear. How wrong I was! Not only is it gone, but my credit score has gone from "deadbeat" to "give this kid a basket of cash!"

You would think that I learned an important lesson here, that it's okay for me to spend a few $$$ now and then on something that might be less than a "must have" and more like a "I want!"

But nooooooo. Not me. I've been wrestling for weeks now over spending $180.00 for a really nice Spring/Fall Melton wool bomber type jacket that's chic and good looking. I go so far as to fill up my on-line basket with the goods and proceed to checkout. I even fill in the name and address fields on the Purchase Page.

But then I get cold feet and click the "Emergency-Close" white "X" in the red box in the upper right hand corner of the browser.

I'm a wuss.

I was also lusting after a 48" Sony LCD-HD tv at BJ's the other day. It's down to $3,500.00. I can do that. But then I think, "hey big spender! aren't you supposed to be buying a CONDO?" Well, yes I am. Drat it.

It wouldn't matter if I made a bajillion dollars a year, either. I'd find some reason to procrastinate spending on things I could easily afford.

It's just part of me, I guess.

In some ways, I still haven't lost that old "fear of economic uncertainty."

Maybe next year.


lexxicuss said...

As a fellow tri-stater I think I can say what other's cannot. You can't push the final button because you know to trust that itchy scratchy feeling you're getting.

Instincts like that let us know not to walk down certain streets and when to walk quicker down others. It won't steer you wrong, so trust it.

Now to the things I know for sure. If it's not a Sony Bravia stay clear. If it is; stay clear until late Jan/Early Feb. this is the time of year when stores are dumping prices to make room for 3rd Qtr (Jan-Mar) inventory. The retail electronics convention of new prods is held in Feb and the shelves must be cleared by Mar. 1 in order to shore up sales before the next fiscal year starts on Jul. 1, 2008. $3500 is way too pricey and you'll be pissed when the same store sells it for $2699 come the new year.

Allot to digest, but who cares. I suffer the same "questioning in making myself happy where money's concerned". Oh, and the jackets a bargain. Get it.

JoyZeeBoy said...

WOW! Thanks, Lexxicuss, for the good NFO re: purchasing big-ticket electronics. I had no idea. I'll definitely put off until after the holidays this year before I plunge into HD-TV.

And I've got to quit messing around with the coat. It IS a bargain and it DOES look good and it WILL hold up (it's from Orvis).

Bombs away!