Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lousy Weather

First of all I want to thank my friend Alan (visit his blog which I've bookmarked as "The Thin Red Line" down and over to the right) for bucking me up when I was feeling down yesterday. He's been a good friend for years, even when the best I could manage was to be a drunken asshole in return. So thank you, Alan, for everything!

I won't whine (too much) about our lousy weather since the Caribbean has been getting the brunt of Hurricane Dean. But it is windy, wet and cold. We're getting the kind of rain that comes down sideways so that umbrellas, no matter how big they are, are useless from the waist down.

I wanted to pull a quote today from an op-ed piece by Frank Rich that appeared in this past Sunday's NYTimes. It has to do with Karl Rove's resignation and his so-called legacy. It's a long piece, but what's really germaine, I think, is this part:

"Last weekend's Iowa straw poll was a more somber but equally anachronistic spectacle. Again, it's a young conservative commentator, Ryan Sager,
writing in the New York Sun, who put it best:

'The face of the Republican Party in Iowa is the face of a losing party, full
of hatred toward immigrants, lust for government subsidies, and the demand that
any Republican seeking the office of the presidency acknowledge that he's little
more than Jesus Christ's running mate.'

That face, at once contemptuous and greedy and self-righteous, is Karl Rove's face. Unless someone in his party rolls out a revolutionary new product, it is indelible enough to serve as the Republican brand for a generation."

And that's from a conservative backer (albeit a young one). I think that both parties are well on their way to being completely out of touch with an increasingly younger electorate.

Gotta remember to send a couple of bucks to the Kuchinich campaign. Nobody else seems to have my best interests at heart.

Stay dry everyone!

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