Friday, January 25, 2008

Heath Ledger is Still Deceased.

Don't you love mass media in this country? There's an election in the making, an election of monumental import and yet the dominant news items seem to revolve around the unfortunate, untimely, wasteful and sorrowful death of an amazing young actor whose work I have long admired.

As bad as it's been, between Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollyweird, the real freak show will begin as soon as the scary assholes from Fred Phelps' Church of We Hate Fags (or whatever it's called) show up and try to picket Frank Campbell's funeral home up on Madison Avenue.

If they actually have the nerve to come they will find out exactly how tender the New York City Police Department can be as their sorry asses get summarily thrown into the backs of Paddy Wagons and hauled downtown to The Tombs, where they can rot for a few days in cells full of crack addicts, serial killers, and tranny hos until until some judge is given the greenlight by the Mayor to spring them, long after the funeral and on 100 bajillion dollars bond. If they can raise it.

Google also had some fun with this subject. Up until yesterday, in their "on-line language translation" function, if you typed in "Heath Ledger is dead" and asked for a translation into Spanish, it came out "Tom Cruise esto muerto." It no longer works, so they must've fired the programmer who originally did it. I liked it.

Yet again, a whole cottage industry of death has sprung up around a sad event. Just like Anna Nicole a year ago.

We are a sick nation. No wonder we're all fat, lazy, depressed, overtreated, overmedicated and overwrought.

Let the young man rest in peace and let us start to ponder the significance of choosing wisely in the upcoming presidential elections.

It's time to right some egregious wrongs.


Aerten said...

I'm getting dizzy with happiness thinking about the Phelps Phools getting thrown in The Tombs. You have SO made my day!! Thank you!

~ Sil in Corea said...

Wonderful idea! I hope they get a real Tombs education; that's the best thing that could happen to them. Doesn't it say somewhere in the Bible that righteous folks are supposed to visit inmates and sick people? heheheheheheh!

Hugs from Asia,

JoyZeeBoy said...

Well, we all missed out on some real excitement, I'm afraid. Yes, it would've been delicious to see some of their "lawyers" trying to hijack a New York City courtroom. They would've been held in contempt until the NEXT millenium.

The best those bat-shit-crazy Xtian lunatics could come up with was having some pickets outside of the SAG Awards last night. (I will no longer mention the outfit by name because it just adds to their hit count in Google.)

The corpse, apparently, had escaped earlier in the day to hell or Australia or wherever it was going.