Wednesday, January 23, 2008

George W. Bush - Heretic

Is George W. Bush the last person on earth to know that he's a heretic. A heretic being defined as:

"...claiming this or that thing is true about or is done by God."

He has claimed, allowed others to claim and/or personally believes that he was chosen (anointed) by God to lead our country.

None of us knows Gods plans or intentions. Ever. Not you, not me and not Frat Boy George. Any claims to the contrary are heretical.

It also reeks of that old heretical belief in "The Divine Right Of Kings" to govern the people they have been born into the royal family of, and that God chooses absolute monarchs, willy-nilly, based solely on dumb-luck and genetics.

Somebody should remind George that nobody died and named him King... and that 230 years ago we fought a bloody war to extract ourselves from that sort of insane subservience to an earthly power, embodied in one Royal Personage, in a capital city far, far away.

We got rid of that George through horrific violence.

Now our King George's Magical Kingdom is falling apart at the seams. His wars in far off countries have netted us nothing but mountains of corpses and astronomical debt which can never be settled with the foreigners who have loaned the money to us, an economy that's collapsing around his ears (and ours), jobs that have disappeared for eternity to offshore lands in order to prop up the corporate profits of his owners here at home.

Not one single thing has he accomplished, aside from making his personal cronies richer.

Thousands of young Americans are dead because of him and his self-will run riot.

Despite the appearance of nothing but gloom on the horizon, there is a glimmer of hope.

A year from now he will no longer be King George.

He will most likely return to his former role as the drunken Village Idiot.

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