Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Domestic Bliss...

Starting in late December last year, my sweet Boo and I went, in short-order, from "talking about" moving in together to spending every Sunday going to open houses, to finding a realtor, to looking at a ton of garbage, to finding the home of our dreams, to getting approved for a mortgage, to settling, to packing, to painting, to moving in together.

How did this happen?  And how did it happen so quickly?


I stopped saying "NO" to life and started saying "yes."  Or at least, "maybe."  And just like that, my life unfolded, quickly, in ways I never knew could be possible.

That little place you see up there is a beast.  OUR beast.  3 bedrooms.  1 full and 2 half-baths.  LR, DR, home office, kitchen, breakfast nook, media room, laundry room, garage and beautifully landscaped front and backyards.  And it's ours.  Well, ours and JPMorgan Chases.  But mostly ours.

I have never been so consistently happy in my life.  I can't believe my good luck.

And you know what?  I deserve it.  Yes, I do.  And so does my partner.

And all I had to do was to quit whining, sober up, face facts and leave myself open to "the possible."

You should do the same.

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Bev Sykes said...

So incredibly happy to read this post!!!