Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Editorial Changes

Everyone else is doing a fine job of trashing George Rekers (cousin of Home Rekers and rabidly anti-gay guy who recently hired a male prostitute to "carry his bags" in Europe --- like anyone over the age of 7 would believe that load of horseshit), so I'm not going to join in on the fun but I did want to point out one editorial change to my site.

Under the heading of "JoyZeeBoy Reads" I've changed the link from John Arsiotis' "America Blog" to his primarily LGBT blog "Gay America Blog."  This also forced an alphabetization change which moved it down in the list.

I've also added a new site, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, produced by Alvin McEwan in which he analyzes and refutes claims, allegations and outright lies by the religious right.  His motto is "Lies in the name of God are still lies."  Amen, Brother.

These are slight changes, but they are designed to reflect my (slowly) growing militancy.

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