Monday, June 15, 2009

I used to like this guy....

I'm doing more and more posting over on FaceBook these days ... and less and less here.

But I did want to pass along my growing annoyance and discontent with the current administration. Watch this:

Last week, the Department of Justice argued before the Supreme Court IN FAVOR of keeping DOMA ... and in its brief, used the old incest/child-molestation stereotype.

It is clear that this administration has gone from gay friendly to gay hostile... on the assumption that we will always be there for them, like a lover in an abusive relationship.

And trust me, I know exactly what it's like to be in an abusive relationship. I was in one for 15 years, until I got sober.

Maybe it's time for the LGBT communities to get sober and to wake up to the fact that politicians do NOTHING without either a) being bought or b) being publicly humiliated.

I am planning on showing up for the March on Washington in October. I urge every other LGBT person to do the same.

Marches didn't necessarily end the war in Viet Nam ... but they sure made the evening news -- night after night after night.


Alan said...

speaking of abusive relationships. ron and I are planning a date with this really hot guy, about 55 or so. he used to be a bar tender at a gay bar and said he always had whatever top he wanted up his hole every night. but he got sucked into this abusive relationship and his lover turned violent and beat the crap out of him during a three way. (yikes)

so anywhoo we connected up to him on where much to my surprise i am meeting as many local available bears as i do on the bear boards. and after 4 years of NO sex our darling billy boy is planning to have us over this cumming wed. meanwhile on fri nite sat we have craig, this huge bull bear who wants to be Middle cumming to spend the night. an embarssment of riches. so when are you going to get yourself laid, sweetie/

JoyZeeBoy said...

ACK! Alan, you make me so envious, I could scream.

I am clearly not hanging around in the right places (or on the right bulletin boards).

My friend John recommended one called Plenty of Fish -- so I thought I'd check that out. Now I'll have to look at, too.

Well, at least these days I'm sort of willing. And that's an improvement.

I hope you are both well and happy. Much love to you both...