Monday, December 29, 2008


Before you start nagging I have an alibi for my absence. Boredom. Actually, I was shaking my ass and hanging out with my grandnieces and grandnephews in Delaware over the Christmas holidays and couldn't have cared less about asshole preachers who are speaking at the upcoming inaugural, or douchebag president-elects who care more about moving to the right than they do about DOING what's right. Asshole.

So shut yer traps and let me wish you all a joyous, happy & healthy New Year or whatever it is that you celebrate around your house at this time of the year! (Saturnalia?)

This was my 11th sober Christmas, in case anybody is counting, and although the fear of being magically struck drunk has long since left me, it can still be a time of dredging up and sifting through unpleasant childhood memories of the drunks I lived with while I was raising myself. Fortunately, I don't do much of that anymore. I have, finally, put most of those demons to rest and choose to live, instead, in the present moment rather than the dreary past.

I'm almost ready to have a boyfriend (don't faint).

There are a couple of headlines in today's celebu-news which caught my fancy. The first pertains to the movie-going experience in general. I love movies. Always have. I hid out a lot in movie theaters as a kid. So imagine my delight when I read this:

"Philly filmgoer gets firing squad for yakking during 'Benjamin Button'."

We easterners don't fuck around when it comes to our movies. BTW, I saw "Benjamin Button" last week and thoroughly liked it, even if it is just like "Forrest Gump" only with Brad Pitt instead of Tom Hanks. So go see it.

I also saw "Doubt" and, as you'd expect, when Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman collide the sparks fairly fly off the screen. I was SPELLBOUND.

Now, in recovery news, there's this hi-larious item regarding "Choices" the upscale, pricey, Malibu Rehab for folks who like to recover AND go clubbing (it's ads state that they do NOT believe in the 'disease concept' of addiction, nor do they preach 12-Step recovery). I'm sure it works for somebody, but it sure wouldn't have worked for me.

Times are hard and they're trying to drum up business by luring in D-list celebutards to tout the place. Read about it here.

If I don't get around to posting again before Thursday, I want all (2) of you to have a safe, sane and sober New Year's and remember, if you insist on getting drunk, for God's sake have the common sense to stay home to do it.



Kelly said...

Oh, surely more than just Bev and I read your blog.

I will be safe and sober on New Year's, but I certainly can't promise sane. How about "relatively sane"?

And thanks to the Philly inspiration, I may start taking my guns with me to the theater. Should I bring the water pistol or the rubber band shooter?

Have a fabulous new year!

Bev Sykes said...

Well, it will be a sober NYE for me, for sure, since it's hard to get high on water. But we'll be at a small party with local theatre folks, our best friends here in town.

May 2009 be full of only good surprises for all of us.

JoyZeeBoy said...

I don't know, Kelly. It's a pretty rough crowd up there in Albany. You might want to bring the rubber band shooter.

And Amen, Bev, let's all have a SERENE and UNEVENTFUL years. No surprises... or only good ones.

And yes, I have one or two other faithful readers. But they're shy and never comment.

Alan said...

I am NOT shy.

JoyZeeBoy said...

No, but you are sweet. And hawt.