Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Tightie Righties

John Gibson, over at Faux News, is whining today that the lefties (me) are picking on him for knocking us for whining about the public preference for "news" about Anna Marie WhatsHerRapidlyRottingFace over real news regarding the war.

In other words, he's pissed off that the Leftie Correspondents and, by extension, the vast majority of the American public, aren't more gung-ho for the catastrophe in Iraq.

As a matter of fact, what he and his cronies won't tell you is that that's their real beef ... that America has (again) wimped out of a war that they (the NeoCons) were gung-ho to start. They refuse to believe that most Americans are too smart and comfy to want to spend a lifetime fighting unwinnable tripartite tribal wars in faraway lands amongst people who simply don't want what little we have to offer. IOW (in other words) they aren't interested in democracy or christianity or coca-cola or birth-control or political correctness or anything else we sell. They just want us to get the f*ck out of their country and to let them slaughter each other in peace.

I got no problem with that. I do not believe in our Manifest Destiny or any other Jingoistic Bullsh*t. Somebody should've shot W.R. Hearst after he sent his famous telegram to his photographer in Havana who complained about the lack of any action or fighting. "You provide the pictures and I'll provide the war."

How, in God's name, is that NOT treason?

I've discussed here before how James Madison went on at length about how it was as much the President's duty to keep us OUT of war as it was for him to get us into them.

I lived through (and served in the armed forces during) the Viet Nam War. Even a callow youth of 18 knew that that war was more about making the world safe for the Ford Motor Company than it was about any noble ideals of bringing democracy (or Ford Fairlanes) to the freedom-thirsty (and autoless) peoples of the world.

The last "good war" was one where people were clearly dying and were going to keep on dying until "the enemy" was stopped. But even at that, we refused to get involved until the bombs actually started falling on our own territory. The NeoCons would have you believe that the enemy has arrived at the gates (again), as evidenced by 9/11. But the problem with 9/11 is that there is no well-defined enemy in fancy uniforms goose-stepping their way across Europe.

We know that Osama was behind it and you see how great a job our multi-jillion dollar military/spy establishments have done in tracking him down.

And now they're whining that a failure to win the war is a failure of us (you, me and others like us) to get on board, sign on up, run on down and enlist, and shut the fuck up about it.

I really like a NeoCon who steps up to the plate and says, "Yup! We screwed up and we're really sorry about it."

Like that'll ever happen. Any more than Hillary will admit that voting for the war funding was stupid on her part.

Politicians are constitutionally incapable of owning up to their mistakes and being honest with themselves and others.

I guess it's no wonder that so few of them are sober.

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